Credit Monitoring Platform


Perfios’ Credit Monitoring Platform provides a consolidated view of the borrower’s data and organizes the lenders’ monitoring exercise into a process-based workflow. The platform connects to multiple external databases and collates the information into an easy to analyze 360-degree view of the borrowers’ performance. Triggers from external data based EWS Alerts ensure that significant changes in entity’s data are captured in real time and meaningful corrective action can be implemented thereby transforming the lenders’ Credit monitoring process from reactive to pro-active.

The platform enables the lender's credit team to perform all the necessary activities along with a periodic review of the borrowers’ financial performance in an intuitive interface. Features built in the platform enable the lender to verify the data submitted by the borrower through external databases like GSTN, Banking, MCA etc. The platform also automates the process flow for the monitoring exercise and provides a consolidated view of the status of monitoring across the portfolio, thus ensuring elimination of process oversight and pin-pointing exact problem areas.



  • Process based workflow covering all aspects of monitoring
  • Automated scheduling of monitoring tasks
  • Auto-fetch of external data (GST, Banking, Bureau, MCA, Legal data, EPFO etc.)
  • Data verification from external data sources
  • Manage Stock statement data collection and review
  • Assessing reasonability of stock statement data from complementing data points (like Banking, GST)
  • Analysis of business trends and stock statement variations
  • Auto compilation of complete monitoring review statement
  • Automated Early Warning Signals (EWS) identification and alert mechanism
  • User-friendly journeys to relevant external data sources
  • Generation of detailed borrowers’ data reports within the portal (Banking, GST, Cross Analysis etc.)
  • Manage Security related monitoring tasks
  • Management overview of Monitoring Compliance
  • Portfolio Analytics for identification of problem areas
  • Use existing data for review/ renewal of accounts (CAM Generation)
  • Covenant monitoring and compliance workflow

1. Real time early warning system alerts

2. Identify and analyze fraud and red flag indicators

3. Process based workflow

4. Monitor covenants and compliance

5. Reporting and MIS



safe and secure

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