Invoice Financing Platform

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The Perfios Invoice Financing Platform marks a new era in invoice financing by connecting sellers, buyers, and investors on one platform.

It is a complete solution for tracking, monitoring, assessing and data-decisioning for businesses.

Our products use factoring and reverse factoring methods of invoice financing, with observed increase in operational efficiencies and reduced cash cycles for the buyer and the seller.

Investors using the Perfios Invoice Financing Platform can choose to directly fund invoices or provide direct lending for institutional lenders. Our risk assessment algorithm performs financial analysis of suppliers and borrowers to calculate the recommended interest rates and tenures, finally directing toward effective decision making for the lender.

With Perfios, you will find an end-to-end solution with invoice financing, from customization enhanced risk management efficiency, and final decisioning.


  • Easy onboarding system
  • Multiple funding options
  • Customizable verification process
  • Repayment tracking
  • Configurable workflows for invoices
  • Access to in-depth reporting
  • Application tracking and monitoring
  • Financial insights for investment decisioning
  • Risk assessment and modelling
End-to-end solution for invoice financing
Modular design for easy customization and quick go-live


Improved user experience with self-service front-end portal
Process enforcement and audit trails to improve risk management efficiency
Easy integration with in-house LMS and LOS systems

safe and secure

Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Perfios is Security Certified for Applications (Plynt) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals