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Consumer Lending - Cross Analysis

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Perfios offers you a product that provides you with end-to-end credit information of your customer by cross analyzing various data sources to generate reports like the Credit Assessment Memo.

These reports take information from other Perfios utilities like Bank Statement Analyzer, Bureau reports, income statements, tax statements, etc., and provide a 360-degree view of your customer’s financial history; thus helping you make insightful lending decisions.

Income Verification
Income Verification

The Income Verification utility verifies the employment and income of your customers applying for loans and credit cards by comparing documents like payslips, bank statements and more.

Repayment Track Record (RTR)
Repayment Track Record (RTR)

An industry-first, the Perfios Repayment Track Record is a mechanism to generate a track record report for repayment from your customer. It reconciles information derived from customer bank statements and credit bureau statements, and our proprietary algorithm imputes the EMI-payment record of your customer generating the Repayment Track Record report.

Unique Liabilities - Credit Bureau
Unique Liabilities

Transactions from the Credit Bureau are digitized and analyzed, and the data is used to list down the unique liabilities of your customer across bureau reports (multiple bureaus/multiple applicants) by de-duplicating the repeated liabilities into unique liabilities.

Credit Assessment Memorandum (Digital CAM)

Credit Assessment Memorandum (CAM) is the final step in making your journey truly digital. Our digital CAM report automates the credit underwriting process for you by combining data from multiple documents like bank statements, credit bureau reports, payslips, RTR, identity verification, and tax documents, and does an in-depth analysis of inconsistencies in this data to generate one single report that calculates the final eligibility of your customer.

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