SME Lending - Income Analysis

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The business of SME lending is built on collection and analysis of financial data from multiple bank accounts, all in real time.

Perfios’ high-performance analytical engine can derive business income data from all connected bank accounts and analyzes this data collectively, as it gets updated. The engine can net-off inter-group transfers to derive the actual business credits and also identify regular, high-value clients of your customer and their payment patterns.

Perfios automates fetching data from bank statements and other income documents like tax returns through online & offline channels and generates reports for income analysis and verification which augment credit assessment and decisioning.

Income tax document analysis

Perfios Income Analysis solution allows the upload and direct fetch of your customer’s tax documents to generate reports to check and verify their income through tax filings. Perfios can process income tax data from the Income Tax portal, linked bank accounts, and income tax form uploads in pdf and scanned formats.

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Financial Statement Analyzer (FSA)

Perfios FSA fetches & analyzes all structured & unstructured data of annual filings of your customer to create a final report as per your Credit Assessment Memo format.

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Bank Statement Analyzer

Enterprise bank statements tend to run into hundreds of pages whose analysis is time-consuming, tedious, and human resource intensive. Perfios’ Bank Statement Analyzer automates the extraction of SME financial data to determine the creditworthiness of the SME. The BSA fetches data from bank portals, e-statement uploads, and physically scanned documents across multiple bank accounts held by the SME.

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GST Analysis

The GST utility of Income Analysis fetches and verifies GST data from the GST portal or from forms uploaded by your SME applicants to give you GST reports of their comprehensive financial health.

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MCA Filing Analysis

The MCA Filing Analysis fetches, verifies, and analyzes your customer’s MCA data and generates insightful MCA reports.

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